Friday, December 30, 2005

Various RIS Notes

I have decided to use RISETUP images for deployment with RIS instead of using RIPREP images. I did this because I want more flexibility to install on any hardware and because I want to be able to enter the CD key on install where required.

To install apps after the initial deployment you should create a directory:


Put install files in the above directory. Then you can call the apps either from Cmdlines.txt or from [GuiRunOnce] if using MSIs.

You can use different answer files to create different images from the same setup files. Answer files live in the following location:

For info about answer file syntax look in the file from the support tools. Look in the Reference section under "unattend.txt" (ensure ref.chm and deploy.chm are in the same folder).

I will next look into what extra drivers I may require and what apps I want to deploy.

Then I will begin customizing the CIW to prompt for more info about each install.

For lots more info see the deployment kit here: Link


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