Thursday, June 01, 2006

Uptime.exe, A tool that gives basic info about server reboot history and Uptime!

Whilst at a client site today someone wanted to know the history of a server which kept crashing.

After a little searching we found this tool, uptime.exe

Uptime.exe can be used to display the current uptime of the local or remote system. Optionally, it can also scan the Event log for key system events such as system restart or computers that are not responding (hanging). Where possible, it also calculates system availability.

It can be downloaded from MS and there is a KB article about it here.

The download link is here.

As you can see, it is a rather old tool first coming out around NT SP4!

Still it has some nice functionality, for a list of commands run

uptime.exe /?

and for more indepth info run

uptime.exe /help

The basic syntax uptime servername /s which gives you a history of reboots, BSOD and an availability estimate.


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