Thursday, September 06, 2007

Great news about MS System Center Virtual Machine Manager

See this announcement about Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager.


It is well, nothing short of cool that MS will in future provide a single management interface to all virtualisation platforms!


The fourth announcement centers on where we are taking SCVMM moving forward.  We are on a long roadmap with SCVMM and continue to get great feedback from customers about where to go.  Our next release is planned to coincide with the release of Windows Server Virtualization (codename Viridian) so that we can expose all the great features it provides.  In addition to Viridian support – we are also adding some key customer driven features. We have heard loud and clear from customers and partners that we need to manage other virtualization environments in addition to Windows virtualization.  They want a single management solution that manages all the different hypervisor technologies. So – in our next set of releases will be adding support for non-Windows virtualization environments – specifically VMWare and Xen.  We listened to you!!!  And when I say we will manage these environments I mean really manage them – covering all the key scenarios they offer.  From a single console and a single command-line you will be able manage Virtual Server, Viridian, VMWare and Xen.


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