Monday, December 11, 2006

Nice additional AD query tool


I found this tool recently when performing an upgrade to an AD Schema.




The tools allows you to perform various searches on info in AD.


For example to check the schema version try this:


adfind -schema -s base objectVersion


Another nice thing you can do is to use the "-h server:port" to talk to remote servers.


Hope people find this useful.




At 3:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try this one as well- AD Query from SysOp Tools. It is even easier to use (best tool I've found so far and shows all attributes, even Exchange attributes) and it's 100% free:

At 6:45 am, Blogger Nathan Winters said...

Thanks for the tip, and nice to have some non spam comments for a change!

At 7:23 am, Anonymous )shArk> said...

no worries mate- nice site, just happened across it and thought I would post my 2c.. I'm an Exchange and AD specialist, found some of your posts and links quite interesting.


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