Sunday, January 18, 2009

More on getting Windows 7 on Samsung NC10

Having installed Windows 7 as mentioned in my previous post, all looked good.

However I then realised that a few drivers were missing.

This forum post is very useful in helping:


This is the key section:

1. LAN driver is Marvell miniport driver, download the latest generic one (the only one there) off Marvell's site
2. Graphics driver is Intel's generic driver, dated June 27, 2008
3. Wireless driver is Atheros dated 6/30/2008 download from
The below can be found from the X360-34P Samsung notebook download page
4. Easy Display Manager -> controls your Functions keys and brightness/volume
5. Touchpad -> Synaptic driver, MULTITOUCH AWESOMENESS!
6. Bluetooth -> not needed as Vista has their own. Note that DISABLING bluetooth even via Device Manager does not affect the battery life (guess it's still on), yes I've done it and compared.
7. Sound -> Realtek **DO NOT CONFUSE WITH THE HD AUDIO DRIVER from Realtek's site. The one you are looking for is through Samsung's notebook page.


I must admit that I have not had a lot of luck with the Easy Display Manager and the Touchpad software so if anyone else has good instructions on getting it to work then please let me know.




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