Sunday, December 31, 2006

Using new resolutions in VMware Workstation.


Have you every been stuck with a VM that simply won't allow you to run in the resolution you want.

Well recently a friend of mine Nick Swan, (who amongst other things runs the Sharepoint User Group in the UK - found himself with a late Christmas present, a Dell 24 inch widescreen monitor!


Anyway, what he found was that VMs would allow him to select the resolution of the new monitor 1920 - 1200.

We a bit of searching later, an I turned up this info. To set the maximum resolution to something different that that provided by the default VMware SVGA driver you have to edit or add a couple of lines in the .VMX file of the VM.

Locate the lines below and if they are not there add them:

svga.maxWidth = "1024"
svga.maxHeight = "768"

You can then put in the resolution required where the numbers are.

Please note; these changes must be made while the virtual machine is completely powered off, and not while suspended or running.

Hope this helps someone else.




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