Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A really interesting security testing product

I have just come across this in my inbox after my holiday.

I know how posts about posts can be annoying but this on looks worth it. Take a look at the link below for info about a product called BackTrack which is a free security testing suite that runs under linux and is bootable from a CD.

The Article:



The download/product site:



Before you worry, it is GUI based and looks very user friendly. Hopefully I will get a chance to try it out and then give some more info.



Saturday, August 26, 2006

Interesting; New Genuine Office Validation!

Well, not sure if this is really new but I guess it was coming after the step up of MS Genuine Windows Validation.

When trying to download the MS tool for automatically backing up your Outlook PST files at regular intervals I was asked to validate my copy of office. It didn't appear to be required but was recommended.

So obviously this is the way of things to come. How long will it be before MS actively disables unlicensed versions of Windows and Office?

It would be great to hear from people with thoughts on this!



A New Way to blog...

Having finally managed to get a break from work this week (I believe it is called a holiday!) I have had some time to catch up with some developments in the Internet Community.

One of my favorite is this new way of blogging. Called Windows Live Writer, it is a beta application which can be found here:


Basically it allows you to prepare and then upload posts from an app on your machine as opposed to simply using the web interface of your blog. Although it is perhaps not a fully featured as Word 2007 it is a dedicated app for blogging and therefore maybe simply and more focussed.

I hope you find this interesting.