Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Articles on MMMUG website


I have been quite busy recently! So there are now a bunch of new articles available on the MMMUG site. They can all be found on the Articles page linked below (or individually as shown lower down!)




Articles downloadable from the MMMUG site

Exchange 2007 Resource Booking/Scheduling Functionality by Nathan Winters


Setup and Testing of Standby Continuous Replication in Exchange 2007 SP1 by Nathan Winters


Importing and Exporting data to/from Exchange 2007 mailboxes with SP1 by Nathan Winters



Articles linked to other sites I write for

GroupWise to Exchange 2007 - Interoperability and Migration, Part 1 by Nathan Winters and Declan Conroy



Hope you enjoy them!



Thursday, January 17, 2008

Use your Windows Mobile as a WIFI Access Point!


I came across what looks like a really cool free piece of software for Windows Mobile devices (versions 5 and 6 work, I believe).

The software lets you use your WM device as a WIFI Access Point and then use the 3G connection to get on the Internet!

This is really cool if you need to setup an adhoc connection for a meeting!

Just make sure you have a decent data bundle and don't break network rules about using devices as a modem.....

For more info see the links below:







Exchange 2007 Certificates

This is a brief post about setting up certificates in Exchange 2007.

What follows is a document which I send to people who are interested in setting up Subject Alternative Name certificates for Exchange 2007.


Open EMS and enter the following;

New-ExchangeCertificate –GenerateRequest:$true -domainname email.domain.com,autodiscover.domain.com,hostname, internaldomain.com,hostname.internaldomain.com -FriendlyName “Exchange SAN cert” - privatekeyexportable:$true –path c:\ExchSANcert.txt


Submit to CA

Import-ExchangeCertificate –Path c:\cascert.cer


Make a note of the Thumbprint

e.g. 2C9FB5F00EE88BA77D72FCA273C787728866BF1E


Enable the certificate as below:

Enable-ExchangeCertificate –Thumbprint 2C9FB5F00EE88BA77D72FCA273C787728866BF1E –Services “IIS,POP,IMAP,SMTP”


Setup External URLs

Set-OABVirtualDirectory –Identity "OAB (Default Web Site)" -ExternalUrl https://url.extdomain.com/OAB -RequireSSL:$true

Set-UMVirtualDirectory –Identity "UnifiedMessaging (Default Web Site)" -ExternalUrl https:// url.extdomain.com /UnifiedMessaging/Service.aspx

Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory –Identity "EWS (Default Web Site)" -ExternalUrl https:// url.extdomain.com /EWS/Exchange.asmx


Setup the DNS records for external Autodiscover


Point to the external IP address (port 443) on the CAS server



It has recently come to my attention that when you are submitting these requests to an External CA you need to get the correct subject name too!

Take a look at the MSExchangeTeam blog here for more info:



Hope this helps people understand this rather tricky area!



Saturday, January 05, 2008

Backup and DR for Exchange 2007


If any of you have an Exchange and Outlook Pro VIP subscription, which is an online publication from Penton, they have recently published my two part series on backing up Exchange 2007.

If you are interested see the links below:


Part 1


Part 2