Sunday, February 11, 2007

Microsoft OCS beta program


This post is as requested by a colleague of mine Arthur Pounder, who is one of the leaders of the Unified Communications and RTC User Group -


He contacted me the other day to say that MS are opening up the beta program for Office Communication Server as he says below:


"HOT OFF THE PRESS - Microsoft OCS 2007 Beta Sign-up
Good Afternoon,

I've just seen a Microsoft blog confirm that Microsoft office Communications Server (Microsoft OCS 2007) Beta will shortly be entering Public Beta. At the moment there is no mention of dates so you'll need to keep an eye open for more information
For those who cannot wait, and would like to sign-up for the Microsoft office Communications Server (Microsoft OCS 2007) Private Beta then please use the link below to e-mail Eileen Brown requesting inclusion. "


For more info take a look at Arthurs blog here:




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